Landing Page
The default landing page gives the user a high-level overview of how their application and campaigns are performing over the past 30 days.



Navigation LinksDescription
User ProfileUser name and application logo
Primary Navigation BarAll Links required to Navigate the primary components of the Pulsate Platform
Secondary Navigation BarLinks to Account Settings / App Setting / App Manager / Documentation / Sign Out
Apps ListList of application
Latest News/UpdatesLatest Updates

User Profile
User profile information. Full name and Application Logo.


Primary Navigation Bar
The primary navigation bar exposes the most common features used within the Platform. These include Creating Segments, Creating Campaigns, Messaging and Analyze

Main MenuSub MenuDescription
AnalyzeApp UsageOverview of app and campaign statistics over the past 30 days
Campaign StatsOverview of statistics relating to all campaigns
Devices StatsOverview of user device statistics
TargetingSegmentsView, Edit and Create segments
GeofencesView, Edit and Create geofences
BeaconsView, Edit and Create Beacons
CampaignsNAView, Edit and Create Campaigns
UsersNAView app users details
MessagesNAView Chat Messages

Secondary Navigation Bar

Secondary Link NameSecondary Link Description
Account SettingsUser Account settings allow managing user personal settings and credentials.
App SettingsApp Settings allows managing Deeplinks, setting the currency, manage revenue settings, manage apple and firebase settings, manage global notification settings, activate APNS payload, webhooks. View SDK App ID, Key and Token.
App ManagerAllows Create/Delete/View Installed apps
DocumentationLinks to main Pulsate documentation
Sign OutSign out from the Pulsate Control Panel

Apps List
The list of apps in Pulsate.


Latest Updates