Overview of user device statistics

Device statistics will give you an overview of the different types of devices which your users are using as well as the configuration and permissions of your users.


Device Stats Dashboard

Stat Name

Stat Description

Push Permissions

Number of app users that have accepted/not accepted push notifications for your app.

Location Permissions

Number of app users that have accepted/not accepted location services for your app.

Device Type

Device type overview, Android vs iOS

Push Permissions Over Time

An overview of Push Permissions enabled over time. The graph shows 3 pieces of data:

  • Device Push
  • Push Opt-in
  • Combined

To receive pushes, a single user must have both "Device Push" and "Push Opt-in" enabled.

Combined is the total number of users who will receive pushes based on who has both "Device Push" and "Push Opt-in" both enabled

Location Permissions Over Time

Location permissions Enabled/ Disabled over time

Top OS Versions

List of device iOS on user devices


List of languages on user devices

SDK Version

List of Pulsate SDK versions on user devices

Selecting Time Period
Pulsate allows viewing device statistics for one day, one week or one month.



Please Note

Please note that permission data is only captured for apps that are using Android SDK version 2.16..0 or above or iOS SDK version 2.15.0 or above. If your organization is using an older version of our mobile SDK these figures will not be accurate. Please contact your app provider for more details.

Apps using older SDK versions will have higher than normal "no" rate as we capture these unknowns as "no" by default.