“Allow Once” Introduced, “Always Allow” Deferred

Apple introduced new location permission last year iOS13 that allowed users to grant access to location only once - “Allow Once” location permission. The first time location is requested, the only options are “Allow Once” or “Allow While Using.” If someone selected “Allow While Using,” the app could then in the future prompt for “Always Allow".

Background Location Map

Another new iOS 13 location permission was the introduction of the background location map that would show users where the app had detected their location, displayed in recent days or weeks. This background location map was paired with a prompt to “Switch to Allow While Using or Keep Always Allow.”


"Allow Once" - Locations Granted only for that session only.
Please select "Allow While Using App" - on the next session the user will be asked to "Keep Only While Using" or "Change to Allow Always". Please select "Change to Allow Always". The next prompt will be "Change only while using" or "Allow Always". Please select "Allow Always".


Please make sure you have selected " Allow Always" in order to receive geofence notifications.

The biggest change to location permissions in iOS 14 is the introduction of precise vs. approximate location. Precise Location allows an app to detect the semi-precise location of the end-user, usually anywhere from 50-200 meter radius. Historically and now, apps utilizing Pulsate technology could achieve even greater accuracy, down to 10 meters (ie. curbside parking spots).

Check/Change App Permissions

To check or change app permissions. Open Settings > Location Services > Select the app you want to change permissions.



Select Always and turn on Precise Location