The analysis of your mobile app data.

App Version

The latest version of your app.


Your audience are the users of your app.


App badge sits in the top right corner of the app logo and represents the number of notifications that need to be read.


A beacon is a small piece of hardware that sends out signals every fraction of a second, while the smartphone detects these and receives the relevant campaigns.

Custom Data

Data you have on your app users that you can send to Pulsate to create more granular, targeted and personalised campaigns.

Custom Events

Tags that you can add to each button in your app so that you can track the actions your users take to deliver more targeted campaigns based on their interests within the app.

Device GUID

Globally Unique Identifier that is given to each device that downloads the app.

Device Type

Pulsate records the user's device type: iOS or Android.


When creating a campaign, you can choose to remove a campaign from a user’s feed after a certain amount of time. For example, if the offer is no longer running.


A virtual barrier that is placed on a digital map over real world geographical areas to engage your audience when they are in the right place at the right time.

In-App Notification

In-app notifications are displayed while the user is active within the app itself.


The number of mobile devices with your app on it.

Last Active

The last time a user was active within your app.

Monthly Active Users (MAU)

The number of your app users that are active in your app each month.

Operating System (OS)

OS is the software that runs on your app users device, such as iOS or Android.


Your users must give you (the app owner) permission to send e.g. push notifications to their device.

Push Notification

Message sent to a user’s smartphone to alert them about e.g. special offers or events taking place.

Schedule Options

You can schedule campaigns to be delivered for a date in the future.

SDK Version

The version of Pulsate that you have in your app.


When a user deletes your app from their device.