There are a large number of variables that can affect geofences operating properly:

  • Number of cellular towers in the locality, in some cases it takes longer to detect the user. It all depends on network and signal strength.
  • If you are in a remote area with no wifi signal, increase the size of the geofence.
  • If you have power saving options turned on, on phone this will affect geofences triggers
  • You must have location turned on for geofences to work


Please note Geofences are updated on the device on scheduled time once per day. If you will update geofence or draw new while after the application is started and running, it may not be updated immediately on the device. Removing the app and installing again should have updated latest geofences on the device. You can also go into App settings and Clear All App Data to force the re-download of all geofences.

When testing Geofence for better results:

  • onEnter events put the geofence a few hundred meters away from your current location. You must cross a geofence "entry" boundary to trigger a enter geofence event
  • onExit. You must cross a geofence "exit" boundary to trigger a exit geofence event
  • Do not test on the edge of the geofence, try moving towards the middle of the geofence and when dwelling also dwell near the middle of the geofence for more accurate results