The purpose of this section is to outline how Pulsate Mobile Ltd approaches Data Privacy and Data Protection and to outline the tools that we have made available to allow our clients to handle Data Protection and ensure that all user data is adequately protected and safeguarded.

On May 25th, 2018 the General Data Protection Requirements (GDPR) were introduced by the European Union. All Pulsate systems are GDPR compliant and as a company, we welcome any regulations that seek to strengthen data protection rules. For a summary of how GDPR may affect your company, please consult your local Data Protection Office or consult this website that was set up by the Irish Data Protection Commissioners.

The first step for anyone looking to learn more about Pulsate's data protection and privacy approach should be to read our Customer Data Privacy and Protection Policy which can be found here. That document outlines the responsibilities of Pulsate Mobile Ltd as a data processor as well as the responsibilities that our clients have as data controllers.

As a processor of data, Pulsate Mobile Ltd understands that we have significant responsibilities to all of our clients and their users. We are committed to ensuring that all data that is sent to us by a client to process is protected and safeguarded. Unless a bespoke arrangement has been entered into, all user data stored by Pulsate is stored in a private AWS cloud-based in the US.

No personal data that is sent by clients to us to be processed is shared by Pulsate Mobile Ltd with any third parties for any reason. Articles 13 and 14 of the GDPR outlines the information that each user must be provided when their personal data is being collected from them and this includes any third party processors such as Pulsate which that data is being shared with. Informing users of this information remains an obligation of the data controller. More information on this subject can be found here in our Customer Data Privacy and Protection Policy.

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