CocoaPods could not find compatible versions for pod "PULPulsate"

If you are having problems with installing a specific version of PULPulsate please try using the following commands in the order specified below:

  1. pod repo update
  2. pod deintegrate
  3. pod install --repo-update
  4. pod update --repo-update
02.04.20244.5.0New Features:
- PulsateSDK crashes and anrs will now be collected and sent to New Relic.
07.03.20244.4.0Location Rework:
- Location and Geofencing have been reworked. The amount of active location updates caused by the SDK has been reduced by more than 90% in some cases. Most location updates still happening are caused by the Geofencing API itself.
- Restrict location updates if no geofence is around

- In Apps will now auto close if app goes into background. Fixed collecting dismiss stats for auto closing.
- Added cache for enable/disable push notifications, privacy, and location.
- Improved database auto migration.
- Added reset/delete locations cache.
- Removed depreciation warnings.
- Removed and updated push notification settings/options.
- Improved push notification delivery and bounce events.
- iOS Deployment target changed from iOS 12 to iOS 13.
- Improvements to stat collection. SDKs will now trigger the whole flow of stats that must have happened to get to this place.
- Update User / Privacy / Location / Push settings will all be debounced to merge multiple calls into one. This will reduce the amount of requests done and prevent a possibile race condition where we would have two active request updating the same setting to different values.
- Added core data automatic migration.

Bug Fixes:
- We will no longer send empty user data to the BE. If firstName / lastName / email / phone are null or empty we will not send it to the BE.
- Update user will no longer send duplicate attributes and actions.
- Fixed time spent calculation for screen records.
- Fixed setting Feature Suggestion as a category for talks.
- current_location will not be sent if location is null.
14.09.20234.2.3Bug Fixes:
- fixed crash caused by starting session for alias with empty alias - will now throw a custom error
- moved In App show to main thread, this should fix a rare crash when rendering In Apps
14.07.20234.2.2Bug Fixes:
- fixed color configuration json
27.06.20234.2.1Bug Fixes:
- fixed button colors on In Apps
- fixes button colors on Back of the Card
14.06.20234.2.0New Features:
- Dual Buttons - new design, Big In App / Card / Back of Card can now have up to two buttons.
- New Colors in PulsateConfiguration.json

- PULUserAction.recordUserStatAction - is now responsible for collecting all stats.
- Added update user request to beacon events.
- Added update user request to geofence events.
- Added update user request to location updates. Only happens when geofence list is refreshed. We try to wait at least 1km between each refresh.
- Added threshold for update user request. If user actions and user updates size does not pass the threshold the request will not happen. This is to prevent empty requests and prevent background updates to happen for every single update.
Alias Change - 0
Logout - 0
Daily sync - 0
Geofence - 1
Beacon - 1
Location Update - 1

- Pulsate config for strings and colors can now be moved into App files. First copy configuration and strings from pulsatebasic bundle and add into main app then specify main app bundle id to manager.resourcebundleIdentifier. Example for app with identifier "pulsate.universal.app" - pulsateManager.resourceBundleIdentifier = "pulsate.universal.app", this will cause the SDK to search for resources in the Main folder of the App.
- badgeDelegate will now not update badges on it's own if a badgeDelegate is set, instead it will send a callback to the Developer to handle the badge update.

Bug Fixes:
- handlePushNotification will now retry properly when App state is not active.
- Fixed possible crash when PULFeedEmptyView is null.
- createSessionAndGetData will now retry properly when App state is not active.
- logout will now first end the session and after that logout the user.
16.06.20234.0.8.3Released using xCode 14.1
14.06.20234.0.8.1Bug Fixes:
- Fixed possible crash when PULFeedEmptyView is null.
12.05.20234.0.8Bug Fixes:
- Back of Card will now properly render button with Botttom Navigation.
- Turned off debug logs for builds.
- Added retry mechanic to start session.
- Added retry mechanic to opening push destination

Bug Fixes:
- In Apps not scaling properly when there is no personal message
- Fix an issues where updateuser / endsession would crash due to nulls.
- showLastInAppNotification() changed to showLastInAppNotification( _ forceShow: Bool = false) - when force is true the SDK will be forced to show the last received In App Notification even if isInAppNotificationEnabled() returns false. By default force is set to false.
27.10.20224.0.4Bug Fixes:
- PULTextBlock is now public.
- PULTextStyle is now public.
26.10.20224.0.3Bug Fixes:
- BUILD_LIBRARY_FOR_DISTRIBUTION is now YES. This should fix build errors caused by Swift version mismatch.
- PULPulsateUnauthorizedManagerDelegate and PULPulsateBadgeDelegate are now public.
- Unread color fix - card buttons should now properly change when cards are read.
16.09.20224.0.0iOS 15 Release - Built using Xcode 13.4.1 (13F100)

1. SDK has written into Swift.
2. Improved rendering ui layout in in-apps.
3. Improved rendering ui layout in Feed.
4. Improved location checking.
5. Improved geofencing.
6. Improved push notification responses.
- Backported In App Improvements from 4.0.5.
- showLastInAppNotification() changed to showLastInAppNotification( _ forceShow: Bool = false) - when force is true the SDK will be forced to show the last received In App Notification even if isInAppNotificationEnabled() returns false. By default force is set to false.
14.10.20213.8.0iOS 15 Release - Built using Xcode 13.0 (13A233)

1. Improved Accessibility - navigation, voice over support, element sizes, ui grouping.
2. Improved geofencing accuracy on iOS 15.
3. Small In Apps can now be dismissed by swiping them left or right.
4. Small In Apps will now try to always show below the toolbar and above bottom navigation elements.
5. Simplified and reduced the amount of background tasks running.
6. Code cleanup - removed many warnings, divided large chunks of code into smaller methods, removed whitespaces in many places, fixed code formatting in many places.

Bug Fixes:
1. Push notifications will now properly open talks when the app is force closed.
2. Push notifications with expired cards will no longer take the user to a feed that loads forever.
3. Fixed edge cases that could cause "destination feed" from sometimes not taking the user to the feed.
4. New Thread Button will now animate properly (hide / show) when the user scrolls the Feed.
18.06.20213.7.0New Features:
1. Added collecting background_permission state in update_user and end_session.
2. The SDK will now collect stats about pushes, in apps, cards.

Bug Fixes:
1. Fixed crash that happened when the user was in the inbox and received a card message.
2. Fixed a bug that could cause the inbox to be stuck in forever loading state when returning to the inbox from a single card view.
3. User Actions will be deleted after they have been successfully sent to the server.
1. Implemented SDWebImage. Will be used to download and cache all images in the SDK.
2. Simplified start session logic.
3. Start Session will now always have withData = YES. This means beacons and geofences will be refreshed on every start session.
21.10.20202.22.0New Features:
1. New configs in PulsateConfigruration.json - pulsate_top_nav_bar_title_size, pulsate_top_nav_bar_title_expand_size, pulsate_card_left_btn_color, pulsate_card_right_btn_color, pulsate_card_single_btn_color. These allow to change the size of the title in the toolbar and allows changing button colors of cards in the Pulsate Feed.

1. Updated targeted platform to iOS 9.0.
2. Fixed building SDK with xCode12.

Bug Fixes:
1. Fixed title in conversations showing the wrong title for a second and later updating itself to the proper title.
2. Fixed finding the top most view controller. This fixes a bug where In Apps sometimes would not move to the proper destination - for example opening the Feed.
3. In Apps will now always render on top of all views. This fixes a bug where In Apps if big enough would be rendered under the toolbar.
16.09.20202.20.0New Features:
1. New Method - updatePhoneNumber() - Updates the user's phone number. Gets updated when entering background.
2. Implemented Screen Recording - the SDK will automatically track what screens of the App the user visits.
18.06.20202.19.1Bug Fixes:
1. Fixed possible null pointer in In App Notifications.
05.06.20202.19.0New Features:
1. New method - getFeed:withListener: - Allows Developers to get the Pulsate Inbox JSON that can be later rendered in a custom way.
2. New method - handleFeedClick: - When using - getFeed:withListener: - We recommend using this method to pass user onClick events to Pulsate to properly handle them. Pulsate will make sure that the click does what it should do - open url, open deeplink, send custom events, record opens / clicks.

1. Sessions will now check if UIApplicationStateActive before starting a session.
2. Network improvements - reduced the amount of requests being done by the SDK in the background.
3. PulsateAppDelegate - added new AppDelegate callback - application:continueUserActivity:restorationHandler:
4. Code Cleanup. Fixed a few nullability warnings.

Bug Fixes:
1. Fixed possible null pointer in saveSessionWithData.
13.05.20202.18.0New Features:
1. RevenueEvents - expanded Events that allow to set event name, event currency, event value.

1. Increased the minimum distance filter when checking for location. This will reduce the amount of location updates.
2. Reduced the amount of location scans, the SDK will rely more on Significant Location Change callbacks.
3. Beacon Events will now be filtered by Major / Minor. Beacons with Major / Minor that don't match any Beacon in the database will not be sent to the server.
4. Start Session will only download Beacons and Geofences once every 24h.

Bug Fixes:
1. Attributes no longer use CGFloat due to precision issues, replaced with NSDecimalNumber.
2. Fixed disabling In App Notifications when using enableInAppNotification(false).
3. Fixed possible bug that would cause Inbox to load forever in some cases.
31.03.20202.17.0Major Changes:
1. Removed AFNetworking.
2. Removed SSZipArchive.
3. Reworked all networking to use NSURLSession and NSURLSessionDataTask.

1. Create Thread setting will now be stored in the Database.
2. Privacy setting will now be stored in the Database.
3. In App Notification setting will now be stored in the Database.
4. All Pulsate related View Controlles will now load in Full Screen style even on iOS13. iOS13 by default sets all View Controllers to Card Style and this change also effected the Feed.

1. Fixed a possible crash in Talks when a user would enter a Talk via a Notification, but the Talk would fail to load properly.
2. Fixed counting impressions, clicks, opens. There were some edge cases where an impression / open / click would not be recorded or sometimes be recorded twice for the same user.

1. Removed startSessionWithoutData. The flag was never implemented server side, so it has been removed SDK side.
29.01.20202.16.51. Removed bluetooth_state.
2. Fixed sending custom attributes.