In order to send out push notifications using Pulsate you are required to obtain an iOS certificate. Follow the steps below to both generate and upload your iOS certificate.

Pulsate requires Developers to create and upload a PEM file to be able to send pushes to iOS Users. PEM files can be created manually or you can use 3rd party tools to help automate the process. If you decide to create a PEM manually you can find many guides online that will take you through the whole process, if you decide to use a 3rd party tool to help you we recommend using Fastlane - - it's easy to setup, automates most of the process for you and we personally use it.


Development Push Testing

In order to test APNS on development builds you need to have your Pulsate app set to Development, not Production. Production Pulsate apps use production APNS endpoint and Development Pulsate apps use sandbox APNS endpoint. It's recommended to have two Pulsate apps: one for development and one for production.

How to upload the .pem to Pulsate


1. Go to Settings > App Settings and select choose file

2. Choose the .pem file from your desktop


3. Input the .pem password if you have created one.


Congratulations, your iOS App can now receive Pushes from the Pulsate platform!