The iOS Pulsate SDK comes with methods that allow Developers to change how In App Notifications work.

Enabling / Disabling In App Notifications

To Enable / Disable In App Notifications use the "enableInAppNotification:(BOOL)enabled" method. By default In App Notificatons are enabled.

[manager enableInAppNotification:YES];

Show the last In App Notification

For cases where you want to block an In App Notification and show it later you can disable In App Notifications using "enableInAppNotification:NO" and later call "enableInAppNotification:YES" with "showLastInAppNotification()" to show it. Example usecase - user needs to give password before being able to see In App Notification.

// Before Login
[manager enableInAppNotification:NO];

// After Login
[manager enableInAppNotification:YES];
[manager showLastInAppNotification];

Configuring Small In App Notification Duration

Small In App Notifications by default are visible 12secs if you need them to be visible longer or shorter use the "setSmallInAppNotificationDuration:(NSInteger)seconds" method.

// Set Duration to 30secs
[manager setSmallInAppNotificationDuration:30];