CocoaPods could not find compatible versions for pod "PULPulsate"

If you are having problems with installing a specific version of PULPulsate please try using the following commands in the order specified below:

  1. pod repo update
  2. pod deintegrate
  3. pod install --repo-update
  4. pod update
29.01.20202.16.51. Removed bluetooth_state.
2. Fixed sending custom attributes.
07.11.20192.16.3 - Required when releasing any new iOS 13 updates.1. Fixed crash caused by users trying to save null attributes with null values. Nulls will be rejected now.

2. Fixed Toolbar color and animations in iOS 13.

3. Fixed creating AccessToken on devices with iOS13.

4. Bluetooth state now requires the Bluetooth Permission. It will now be unknown by default and we will only check it after the Developer calls "requestBluetoothPermission".

5. Fixed creating Device Token.

6. startSession will now return YES if a session is already active for the given user.
07.11.20192.16.0.3 - use this build if you can not update to xCode11 and iOS13 and don't want the large title bar to be bugged on phones with iOS13.1+1. Fixed crash caused by users trying to save null attributes with null values. Nulls will be rejected now.

2. Removed the large title bar on phones iOS11+

3. Fixed creating AccessToken on devices with iOS13.

4. Fixed creating Device Token.

5. startSession will now return YES if a session is already active for the given user.

6. Built SDK using Xcode 10.3

Please note that this SDK version should only be used by clients who have not updated their app to iOS 13 and xCode 11+.
18.07.20192.15.01. Location and Push Permissions will now be sent under Device Data to the Pulsate Server
28.06.20192.14.171. Action Buttons refactored and performance improved.
10.05.20192.14.161. Message Subject can no longer be empty or only whitespace
2. Messages can no longer be empty or only whitespace
10.04.20192.14.141. New Method - setSmallInAppNotificationDuration:(NSInteger)seconds - Sets the duration of small in app notifications. Default - 12s
13.03.20192.14.131. BUG FIX - Admins without an Avatar will now have an anonymous Avatar instead of showing nothing
04.03.20192.14.121. NEW FEATURE - useInitialsForUserAvatar:(BOOL)useInitials - Enables or Disables using the user initials as the user avatar. When disabled the avatar will always be an anon icon.

2. NEW FEATURE - setInboxRightButton:(UIBarButtonItem*)rightButton - Developers can now add an additional button in the Pulsate Feed. The button will appear in the main Feed Toolbar in the right corner.

3. Changes to Small In App Notifications to allow adding In App Events to them
06.02.20192.14.101. Removed unused categories

2. iOS 11 Large Titles will now inherit the "pulsate_top_nav_bar_title_color"
09.01.20182.14.81. Custom Attributes with Date - changed format from "yyyy/MM/dd" to "yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss"

2. Fixed PULStrings to work with "bg" and "ja" languages

3. Changed SDK Building Script to resolve "unable to attach DB: error:"
03.09.20182.14.51. Gender values are now male - female instead of being man - woman

2. Fixed a crash that would happen when the createThreadButton is disabled and an deleted user or user without internet enters the Inbox
09.08.20182.14.41. Fixed a bug that could cause a new incoming message to rarely be duplicated or cause a crash
06.08.20182.14.31. Fixed bug - blocking the phone while in the Pulsate Inbox would cause received new push notifications to not open their single card view
30.07.20182.14.21. Improved In App Notification Layouts
06.07.20182.14.1New Features:
1. New method - setLocationUpdatesEnabled - this method allows Developer to turn on / off Geofencing and Beacon Scanning

2. New Method isPushNotificationEnabled() - returns the value set with setPushNotificationEnabled(boolean enabled); for the given alias, by default true

3. New Inbox Error Messages for deleted users

1. Method disablePushNotication(boolean disable); changed to setPushNotificationEnabled(boolean enabled);

Bug Fix:
1. Temporary hotfix for an iOS12 bug with isRegisteredForNotifications always returning NO
17.05.20182.13.41. When creating a talk fails the error message will no longer state "Swipe to Retry." only "Try again later." This was changed because there is no "Swipe" interaction when creating new talks.

2. Request Timeout changed to happen after 15sec
17.05.20182.13.31. New - Bottom Status Bar in Feed / Inbox - When the Feed / Inbox fails to load due to internet problems or server problems or any other problems the status bar will show up to the user showing him the following message - "Unable to Connect. Swipe down to Retry."
04.05.20182.13.21. Fixed a bug where sometimes a private conversation wouldn't automatically update itself when a new message comes in

2. Fixed crash caused by clicking a private message notification when app is killed
30.11.20172.13.01. [PULPulsateFactory getInstanceWithAuthorizationData: withLocationEnabled: withPushEnabled: withLaunchOptions: withPulsateAppDelegate: error: ]
changed to
[PULPulsateFactory getInstanceWithAuthorizationData: withLocationEnabled: withPushEnabled: withLaunchOptions: withPulsateAppDelegate: andPulsateNotificationDelegate: error: ];
The new parametr "andPulsateNotificationDelegate" by default is YES, when set to NO you must implement the UNUserNotificationCenterDelegate and send it's callbacks to Pulsate.

2. Added many nullability checks to pointers
24.11.20172.12.41. Fix crash when opening the inbox on phones with iOS 9 - caused by the recent iOS11 update
21.11.20172.12.31. On User Alias change last unauthorized message will be set to nil - showLastUnauthorizedMessage will do nothing
14.11.20172.12.21. Fixed opening the inbox from an in app button when the user was unauthorized and in apps where disabled when the Pulsate session started
13.11.20172.12.11. Starting a session for a new alias / user will clear all notifications
09.11.20172.12.01. Devices with iOS11 will now use the new large nav bar

2. Added support for iPhone X - some layouts and margins have been adjusted to work better with iPhone X

3. "You have reached the bottom of your feed" will now show up if there is only one page in the feed

4. Anonymous Avatar will show up when writing a new message and the user avatar is not known

5. Fixed Render Bug for Personal Cards that don't have a Personal Message
07.11.20172.11.31. Removed references to GraphicsServices

2. [[UIApplication sharedApplication] registerForRemoteNotifications] - moved to main thread
04.10.20172.11.11. Improved sending failed privacy requests
2. Fixed creating a new conversation on iPhone X
13.09.20172.11.01. Added RequestListener
2. startSession, startPulsateSessionForAlias, logout - added new parametr to methods, the parametr is a RequestListener
24.08.20172.10.101. In App Notifications will now scale with their content
2. Using the Pulsate View Controller in a Tab Bar should no longer change the color of the Tab Bar
17.07.20172.10.61. Changed Session Management - when "startPulsateSessionForAlias" is called with a different alias than the current one Pulsate will automatically logout the current user and start a session for the new alias
2. Fixed a problem with geofence and beacon monitoring when startSession isn't called in "didFinishLaunchingWithOptions"
22.06.20172.10.41. New method - getDeviceGuid - returns the device guid that Pulsate uses to identify users.
13.06.20172.10.31. Fix to Badge Delegate, will now be called after the system changes the badge count.
25.04.20172.10.11. Simple Push notifications - bug fix

2. Developers can now decide if they want Pulsate to be the main AppDelegate or not (by default Pulsate is the AppDelegate). When Pulsate is not the AppDelegate Developers need to send AppDelegate callbacks to the SDK
22.03.20172.9.151. When the user is in the inbox push notification will no longer show up. Instead the user’s inbox will refresh and a “New Message” pill will show up.

2. Fixed a bug where pushes would not take you to the proper destination if the app was killed.

3. New method - disablePushNotification - Disables or Enables push notifications for Pulsate
01.03.20172.9.121. When a user is in the inbox and gets a push notification with a card the inbox will automatically refresh

2. Pushes with content-available will no longer start a session when the app is in the background

3. Pushes with content-available will no longer automatically load their content the next time a user enters the app

4. Pushes with content-available will no longer cause the badge number to reset randomly
19.01.20172.9.81. New method - showLastInAppNotification() - show the last In App Notification that was not shown due to enableInAppNotification being set to false

2. New method - enableInAppNotification(boolean eneabled) - enables or disables showing In App Notifications
7.12.20162.9.51. Add badge update callback when push comes to the app

2. Push Notification now show when app is in the foreground

3. Fix opening deeplink / link lag
4. Pushes no longer cause top popup to show up
7.11.20162.9.31. Added PULPulsateBadgeDelegate protocol - Developers can implement this to get callbacks whenever any updates to the badge number happen

2. Added new method getBadgeCount - Sends a request to the server to get the Pulsate badge count. The badge count will be returned in the PULPulsateBadgeDelegate badgeUpdated callback.

3. Location Permissions can now be delayed on iOS 10

4. Code cleanup
28.10.20162.9.11. Developers can now use the PULPulsateUnauthorizedManagerDelegate in Swift to get unauthorized action callbacks

2. Added support for iOS 10 Rich Notifications
30.09.20162.8.61. SDK applicationDidBecomeActive callback will now call the applicationDidBecomeActive callback in the users app delegate
20.09.20162.8.51. Fixes all iOS 10 compatibility issues
14.09.20162.8.11. Fixed push notification destination in iOS10
23.08.20162.8.01. Added Simple Push Flow and Simple In App Flow
15.07.20162.6.01. Added Inbox Authorization - for more info read https://pulsate.readme.io/docs/inbox-authorization
07.07.20162.5.61. If a session is already active, all other tries to start a session will be blocked.
24.06.20162.5.51. Clicking a notification / inapp will now count as an direct open for statistics

2. Clicking a card in the inbox will now count as an front click for statistics
21.06.20162.5.41. Optimized Get Inbox

2. Optimized Start Session

3. Fixed some cards not being visible
31.05.20162.5.21. App launched by location will no longer cause startPulsateSession
25.05.20162.5.11. Minor synchronization logic fix
12.05.20162.5.01. Adds deduping https://pulsate.readme.io/v2.0/docs/deduping-setting-the-customers-alias

2. Adds a method for custom notification settings

3. Adds a method that closes feed that was automatically opened by the SDK

4. Adds a method that optionally sends a location along with beacon events

5. Some minor beacon tweaks

6. Some minor UI fixes

7. Some minor session lifecycle logic fixes
02.02.20162.4.61. Fix app badge synchronization